An international and travel portrait photographer, photography instructor. Portrait and natural light lover. Dreamer. Wife and mom. Creative soul. Nikon girl.
Monika is an instructor at several classes in - major Online photography school in USA and she is also a principal instructor in Online photography school in Czechia and Slovakia.

Monika is leading all our portrait workshops and is always curious how to take portraits creatively.



International landscape, travel and street photographer, photography instructor. Long exposure, flash and color fan. Husband and dad. Nikon guy.
Patrik is an instructor at several classes in - major Online photography school in USA and he is also a principal instructor in Online photography school in Czechia and Slovakia.

Patrik is leading all our landscape workshops and loves to play with long exposures and take beautiful pictures 24/7 - early morning, late evening or shoot stars during a night.


What our clients say


Dear Monika and Patrik, thank you very much for the workshop. I really enjoyed it and I have learned a lot of new things (and was reminded of a lot of things I used to know ;-)). It was also great that is was really hands-on and practicing a lot, not too much theory during the workshop. The manual with the theory is very clear, especially since we covered a lot during the practical part of the workshop. It is great for reference. And all the photos in it and the once we made during the workshop are good examples.
I continued shooting a lot of photos once I got home and didn’t use automatic once. I started looking at the world differently again 🙂
It is probably the first time I’m looking forward to a homework assignment 😉 A big thank you to both of you,

Mariel Westendorp



I learned so much today and can not thank you both enough. I have already been practicing and can't wait to have a moments peace to read through my new "bible", the workshop material, and continue building and practicing on all of the skills you taught us today. Thank you for unleashing the potential in my camera, and me, I am truly overjoyed to be able to capture moments in confidence of a great result. You guys are awesome!

Louise Al Taher


I had a wonderful time, thank you for everything! I love your teaching style, now
I understand what to do to get good shot and if there will be a chance to continue I will be there!

Pavlina Skorepa



Taking the photography workshop with Pixien it has been very useful for my hobby.
I learned all about basic settings for my camera, photography tricks, literature and, the best of all, in a very entertaining, hands-on and funny way! Now my pictures look much better! I widely recommend the workshop!

Ruben Cruz



Thank you! Good learning with clear concepts and good fun! All the best.

Josué De La Maza



I have already recommended your workshop to all my friends, it was awesome! I have made a big step in my photography knowledge and now I'm finally more confident in how to take a shot I really want!

Lucie Kratky


I was pleased to attend Pixien workshop when I've learned how to benefit from all manual adjustments - skipping auto mode. The workshop time goes very fast but provides very useful and valuable information. Thanks for the workshop and valuable tips.

Lina Otaka Fujimaki


Monika showed me how I could bring out the maximum from my digital camera. Just a little adjustment and picture is completely different. With her help I'm able to take my beautiful and artistic pictures during my trips.

Agnes Baranyai