BOOK: Swiss Riviera - 12 months in pictures

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A must have for every admirer of Swiss Riviera and its iconic landmarks. Great farewell gift for your family, colleagues or friends leaving Switzerland!


An inspired tribute to the astonishing beauty of Switzerland and a lavish celebration of all featured landscapes. This stunning volume collects the very best of photographs taken by passionate local photographers Patrik and Monika Banas during the last 6 years. From the multi-hued layers of the sunset above Château de Chillon to the unmistakable shape of the Dents du Midi, this book presents a breathtaking panorama of the Swiss Riviera from Morges, through Lavaux and Vevey to Villeneuve and beyond.

Printed on a thick photography quality glossy Fuji paper to ensure all details are preserved as seen and intended by photographers. Hard front and back cover. 32 pages. Size 30x20cm (apx. A4

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